Introduction to Shared Value

Knowledge and understanding of the Shared Value concept is a must-have skill-set for every up-and-coming business manager, entrepreneur and person in a position of leadership, to better prepare you for the future.

Shared Value represents a fundamental shift in thinking from a profit-only focus to one of profit with purpose. It is a business management concept introduced 10 years and practised by successful companies globally.

The Introduction to Shared Value training focuses on helping companies use Shared Value as a tool to create strategies focused on sustainability and practices that enhance competitiveness, while simultaneously advancing the economic and social conditions of the communities in which they operate.


Executive Coaching

Tailored one-on-one executive level Shared Value training, best practice learnings and insights.

Organisational Training

Focused on faciliating an understanding of Shared Value, Purpose and implementation

Investor-readiness Training

Practical introductory course to assist enterpreneurs with getting their business ready for investment opportunities.

Bespoke Training

Introductory and advanced training for the private sector (enterpreneurs and organisations) across the Shared Value strategy, operations and people management spectrum.