Purpose Playbook Training

It has long been said that Africa’s future is in the hands of our young people and with the high number of entrepreneurs on the continent, we have a collective responsible to equip them to reach their potential – particularly as they are best placed to solve challenges that we face as a society.

The Solution: The global Shared Value Initiative has developed the Purpose Playbook as a tool for the implementation of Shared Value in an organisation – how to align one’s business strategy with creating social impact. The Shared Value Africa Academy (SVAA) offers training on the Purpose Playbook to assist African entrepreneurs across different sectors embark on their Shared Value journey.

Training is accredited by the international Continued Professional Development (CPD) Group.

Purpose Playbook Training (for Entrepreneurs)

The focus of this course if to prepare our young leaders for the future challenges and equip them to create prosperity not only for themselves, but also for the communities in which they operate.

The areas that will be covered
  1. Introduction to Shared Value 
  2. Shared Value framework
  3. Purpose
  4. Culture in the Workplace
  5. The How of Shared Value


  • Opportunities Identification
  • Sources of Distinction
  • Strategies, Goals, Resources
  • Innovating for Scale
  • New Models of Cooperation
  • Measurement & Reporting
  • Organizational Design
  • Talent Acquisition & Development
  • Engagement & Communications
  • Leadership


Entrepreneurs from the 1st Purpose Playbook Cohort


Entrepreneurs from the 2nd Purpose Playbook Cohort



Comparative Analysis Report

The Shared Value Africa Academy partnered with Prof Suki Goodman, Head of the School of Management Studies at UCT, in order to evaluate participants’ level of knowledge about Shared Value before the Masterclass and Purpose Playbook Training, and afterwards. Furthermore we will continue to track the efficacy of their learnings, and how they apply these in their respective

The following comparative report is based on a survey conducted among the students. It collected baseline data with the first cohort (the pilot) across levels of knowledge and understanding of a variety of subjects covered over the duration of the training.

Click here to download the report

SVAA Purpose Playbook