African Universities Gender Equality Forum | 23 November

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Online event

We can influence change

In the face of escalating Gender Based Violence (GBV) and its reverberating impact on economic prosperity, human rights, and societal health, the Shared Value Africa Initiative, in partnership with the University of Cape Town (UCT), engages in a decisive dialogue at the 5th African Universities Gender Equality Forum. This platform is part of the #ITSNOTOK movement, initiated in response to the surge in GBV.


  • Influence Policy: The forum aims to galvanise academic institutions in active lobbying against GBV and for advancing gender equality.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Understand academia’s role in influencing policies and practices across the continent, with the aim to catalyse actionable change.
  • Collective Insight: Engage in open discussion on expediting gender equality and effectively combating GBV within academic spheres.
  • Strengthen Collaboration: Fortify a continental academic platform, the African Academic Voices (AAV), to collectively address the challenge of GBV and gender inequality.

Timed to align with the globally observed 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, this forum serves as a significant juncture for academics, students, and business professionals to champion change. The event promises to be more than a discussion; it’s a call to action. The question isn’t whether we can influence change, but how quickly we can enact it.

Watch this event now and be a part of this critical discourse to make gender equality a lived reality across the African continent.

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