African Universities Gender Equality Forum | 27 March 2024

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Online event

Technology & Gender Equality in Academia: Tackling GBV Together

The African Universities Gender Equality Forum is an essential online event addressing gender-based violence (GBV) in academia. This forum, hosted by the Shared Value Africa Initiative and the #Itsnotok movement, is an opportunity for students, educators, and university stakeholders to discuss and find solutions to GBV through the use of technology and improved policies.

Since the rise in GBV during the COVID pandemic, the #ITSNOTOK movement has been at the forefront of highlighting this issue. This Forum focuses on the role of academic institutions in raising awareness and influencing policy change in the fight against GBV.

The key theme is ‘The Role of Technology in Fighting Gender-Based Violence.’ We’ll explore how technology can be used in GBV awareness, prevention, and support, including data analysis, discreet reporting, and virtual community support.

Forum Goals:

  • Encourage open discussion about GBV.
  • Share best practices for GBV prevention.
  • Strengthen collaboration for effective GBV prevention strategies.
  • Highlight the academic sector’s role in GBV awareness and prevention.
  • Drive policy and practice change in African academic institutions.

Watch the 90-minute session we had on March 27th, where we aimed to create a safer, more equal and informed academic community.