Driving Africa forward one connection at a time

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How does one change the world? One connection at a time. It is by connecting with those who have the same vision and drive to affect change that we can see this change truly happen. There is power in the collective.

AfroChampions Initiative is such an organisation – sitting at the nexus of public and private sector, and galvanizing resources of all to drive Africa’s economic integration. Hailed as a public-private partnership, is puts to paid Afro-optimism and pragmatically leads its implementation through various projects and programmes.

Dr Edem Adzogenu, Dr Edem Adzogenu, Co-Chair of AfroChampions, is an accomplished investment facilitator, government affairs and international crisis management specialist for global investors and businesses across Africa and Asia with extensive experience in public, private and civil sectors. A resume that lends itself to this vision of influencing and driving change on a continental scale.

Under his leadership, AfroChampions, an organisation he co-founded, has grown into an influential regional public-private partnership platform that partners the African Union and several regional institutions to drive African integration and transformation.

AfroChampions recently launched the AfCFTA Hub – a digital trading platform for businesses to gain access to a growing range of features, modules and platforms bundled seamlessly into one app. It promises to be one platform where traders can “use what they need to get what they want”. A one-stop shop that offers profiling, networking, trade tokens and documentation to participate in the AfCFTA.

Also aligned with the AfCFTA is the Trillion Dollar Investment Framework, which underscores the importance of driving infrastructure development in advancing the AfCFTA, particularly in the fields of agriculture, energy, transport and connectivity.   

In line with the Initiatives’ think big approach to business, AfroChampions is strategic partner to the Boma of Africa festival – a series of gatherings convening African institutions and private sector since 2019 to act on this aim for African integration. The 2022 theme was “How far with the African Century?” – bringing together global thought leaders to explore global shifts and continental developments shaping Agenda 2063. Focus areas included an e-health track to focus on building more resilient continental healthcare systems, post Covid-19, as well as the aforementioned AfCFTA Hub.

Through leveraging home-grown, brain power and business leadership AfroChampions creates an even more powerful African collective of changemakers – united not just through talk but through strategic action that is scalable for the greatest impact possible.

For more information on the AfroChampions Initiative, please visit www.afrochampions.org

Dr Edem Adzogenu will be one of our speakers at the Africa Shared Value Leadership Summit (25-56 October) – sharing more about the work of AfroChampions and how digital transformation to can transform the AfCFTA.