Fuelling Access to Affordable Healthcare

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M-TIBA is a proven health system integrator that helps drive for universal health coverage in Africa through the provision of affordable and accessible solutions.

The M-TIBA’s technology platform has helped bring management of health insurance policies to the fingertips of its users. It not only enables users to manage their health insurance policies on their mobile phones, it also helps donors and governments to distribute health insurance benefits efficiently and transparently.

According to the company, its ultimate goal is to deepen healthcare inclusion across the country through impactful and effective partnerships that will help it achieve this goal.

For example, together with partners like Safaricom, PharmAccess Foundation and UAP-Old Mutual, M-TIBA was able to create and launch the ‘My Health Fund’. This product saw over 2.5 million Kenyans sign up to be able to save medical funds in an E-wallet to use for medical expenses and emergencies at over 2000 partner hospitals.

In a bid to help more users  track their health insurance policies, balances and overall spend, M-TIBA  has also joined forces with AAR Insurance to create a cardless and paperless system that would enable AAR Insurance Members have access to their policies all through their mobile phones via the M-TIBA platform. This fruitful partnership has seen over 50,000 AAR insurance members benefit from M-TIBA while creating digital synchrony across all AAR insurance partner hospitals.

With cost effective healthcare in mind, M-TIBA also partnered with Britam Insurance to distribute affordable and reliable medical health policies through the technology platform. This creates more opportunities for Kenyans to have access to affordable health insurance covers that cater to hospitalisation needs for a premium low as Ksh. 4,661 & comprehensive covers that cater to both outpatient and hospitalisation services.

 “In the same light our strategic partnerships have seen us achieve amazing milestones in record time as is the case with a group Micro Health product launched in conjunction with Jubilee Health Insurance. Since inception of the Micro health product in April 2021, Over 45 SME’s & Sacco’s across the country have greatly benefited from affordable and quality healthcare solutions,” says Bryan Wesonga, Corporate Communications Manager, Kenya at Safarico.

In order to support the drive for universal health coverage in Africa, M-TIBA is making rapid strides to ensure that more healthcare businesses across Kenya have the access to resources that enable them to expand and grow their overall operations. This not only creates access to modern and well equipped medical healthcare centres, but also increases the country’s overall healthcare standards ensuring more Kenyans are catered for.

Strategic collaborations have once again been instrumental in this. Through a partnership with Medical Credit Fund, more than 500 healthcare businesses have benefited from over Ksh. 7 Billion worth of loans which are all accessible through the innovative Cash Advance product on the M-TIBA platform.

Wesonga concludes: “As M-TIBA continues to innovate we cannot forget one important factor in healthcare access; Health insurance education. It is important to provide Kenyans with knowledge on the importance of the financial protection that health insurance delivers. With M-TIBA’s innovative products, strategic partners and health insurance education we shall take a step closer to providing affordable and accessible healthcare for all. “