Introducing the Purpose Playbook: the “how” of Shared Value

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More and more companies are seeing that a corporate purpose motivates inspires and directs employees.

The Purpose Playbook is a guide that will help put your company’s purpose into practice through shared value and be an aid as you take the journey. We didn’t write this Playbook for any specific industry or type of company. It’s a tool that starts with a big picture view and then takes you into the mechanics of bringing purpose to life through shared value, which we believe is the most powerful practice to deliver on the potential of corporate purpose. We include action steps, suggestions, and examples that will help you navigate your way as you pioneer change in your company, your business ecosystem, and for society.

We hope this Playbook helps you and your company put that purpose into practice.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance or further guidance on the implementation of the Purpose Playbook.

The playbook – which includes the accompanying illustration – was developed by the SVI, its members and FSG.

Download the Purpose Playbook.