#ITSNOTOK – Gender Based Violence & Femicide

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Gender based violence and femicide (GBVF) have been a scourge on our society for a long time – made that much more critical during this time of global pandemic. But while this problem has continued, conversations and action to tackle it has not made any difference.

Women’s Month is meant to celebrate the very people who are most victimized in our society. This year, let’s use this month to start action that truly supports and protects women, children and LGBTQI+ persons.

#ITSNOTOK is a movement that is asking every citizen and organisation to join forces and help make a difference to the lives of others. The #ITSNOTOK movement aim to create more awareness of this demon in our society and through creating 1 million pledges, to influence policy change.

The #ITSNOTOK movement belongs to everyone who is prepared to step up in and lead. You too can get involved to raise awareness, act, mobilise and galvanize for much-needed change in our society.

Here’s how you can make a difference:

Visit our website –  www.itsnotok.africa – to:
Pledge your personal support and join the movement.Mobilise your own network, family and friends and get them to support the movement and pledge their supportUse the messaging from the website that you can download and share on your own Twitter, Facebook and Instagram platforms.Spread awareness within your organisation and business networks and share with your peersMotivate your organisation to share the #ITSNOTOK messaging on social media platformsContact the movement organisers if you need any more information on how you personally or how your organisation can further support the movement –

We need your support not your money. How you choose participate is up to you – we just ask that you look at your resources, platforms, people and networks, and use those to support #ITSNOTOK. They, in turn, must keep the conversation and action going so we can build the movement as a collective and motivate for change.

Follow us on Twitter @itsnotok_africa and on Facebook at Itsnotok_africa

Article source: platinumgoldradio.com