Meet Mina

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She is a role model, an environmentalist and the world’s best kept secret in feminine hygiene. She’s smart, confident and wants to stay in school. She is the revolutionary MENSTRUAL CUP especially designed for teenage girls and first time users, she is a sustainable life changing solution.

Meet Mina

Menstruation is something women deal with every month, the crimson wave is enough to make most women cringe, and some may feel uncomfortable talking about it.

Although it’s a natural process many women still speak in hushed tones. Some traditional families never talk about periods because of the false shame and stigma attached to it. In some countries, menstruation is considered taboo because of the mindset that it is dirty or impure to the point of being ostracised during periods.

In 2015, with this in mind, The Mina Foundation was formed with a mission to end period poverty in South Africa and beyond, by providing a sustainable, eco-friendly, healthy and safe alternative to menstrual care.

Who is Mina?

Mina means ME in Zulu. She is a clever little silicone cup that helps you with your period and a friend of the planet. She is also hypoallergenic and biocompatible. She is toxin free and non -porous. She is so loyal, she can last for up to 10 years if taken care off well.

Mina is smart and confident and wants to stay in school. Her circumstances do not define who she is. She is a Role model, African Leader Global Ambassador. She cares about her community and she is a taboo fighter. She is a mother, she is a sister, she is a kind stranger and a friend you can count on.

Mina is easy to sterilise. All she needs half cup of hot water to sanitise her. She comes with a Mina Journal that has information on changes during puberty. She teaches you about other period product alternatives out there as well as how to work out your cycle. She answers questions you are shy or ashamed to ask. She puts you at ease and guides you as best she can.

Mina’s confidence means that she has a voice to speak up for those who could not speak for themselves. She is sporty and safe to sleep with. But most important is that she is pain-free and a sustainable solution to end period poverty.

Mina’s greatest realization is her contribution to the SDG’s that must be acknowledged as per below:

3- Good Health & Wellbeing,
4-Quality Education
5-Gender Empowerment & Equality
6 -Clean Water & Sanitation,
8-Decent Work & Economic Growth
11-Sustainable Cities & Communities
12-Responsible Consumption & production for the environment


The current pandemic has added more hardships on women with the increase in Gender Based Violence (GBV) cases. However, Mina has continued to uplift menstruators in need. She has visited schools, LGBTQ communities, orphanages, refugees, women in landfills, shelters and we are currently working towards benefiting women in prisons.

Mina has Partners in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Middle East, USA, Kenya, Spain, just to name a few. To date, we have benefitted over 65000 beneficiaries in South Africa and beyond and we look forward to ending period poverty through collaboration with other organisations.

Visit us on for more info or contact Zaakira Mahomed of The Mina Foundation on whatsapp: 082 909 1997 or email