The Institute For Competitiveness Africa And The Africa Export Competitiveness Report 2023S REPORT 2023

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The Africa Export Competitiveness (AEC) Report 2023, releasing on March 5, 2024, provides a critical examination of export capabilities in 30 African nations. Aimed at strengthening Africa’s global trade position, it evaluates policies, business environments, infrastructures, and performances to drive economic growth and enhance continental competitiveness.

Shift Impact Africa Group created the Institute for Competitiveness Africa – a joint venture between Shift Impact Africa and the Institute for Competitiveness India – and together will unveil the much-anticipated Africa Export Competitiveness (AEC) Report 2023. This pivotal report, developed in collaboration with the African Capacity Building Foundation, is scheduled for release on 5 March 2024.

The AEC Report 2023 marks a significant milestone in understanding Africa’s role in the global and continental trade arena. It serves as a detailed, analytical tool, evaluating the export capacity of African nations in the context of the AfCFTA initiative. The report’s comprehensive analysis of 30 African countries examines their export capabilities, highlights their unique strengths, and identifies areas for improvement.

The AEC Report is structured around four key pillars:

  • Policy Analysis: Examining the development and support of export-centric policies.
  • Business Environment: Assessing the existing business climate, infrastructure, and connectivity.
  • Export Infrastructure: Focusing on the foundational elements of exporting, including support systems and research and development initiatives.
  • Export Performance: Evaluating the growth, diversity, and global positioning of each nation’s exports.

This report goes beyond mere data presentation; it celebrates the achievements of African nations and encourages a culture of mutual learning and cooperation. It is designed to be a guiding light for national and continental development strategies, aiding in the journey towards sustainable economic advancement.

This inaugural report is a pivotal resource for AfCFTA and national governments, the AEC Report 2023 offers tailored insights for each country, highlighting strengths and providing a blueprint for holistic growth. Covering the export performance of 30 African countries, this report aims to stimulate competitive growth by encouraging a healthy competitive spirit and shared learning among nations. It’s a tool for nations to enhance their export sectors, contributing to Africa’s overall progress.

Dr. Amit Kapoor, leading the research initiative at the Institute of Competitiveness India, emphasises the significance of this report: “The AEC Report 2023 represents a confluence of rigorous data analysis and robust methodology. It’s designed to empower nations with tailored strategies to enhance their export capabilities. By fostering a blend of cooperative and competitive dynamics, the report encourages peer learning and maximizes the utilization of each nation’s unique strengths.”

Initiated by Shift Impact Africa and the Shared Value Africa Initiative in 2023, and bolstered by the support of the Institute for Competitiveness India, the Institute for Competitiveness Africa’s purpose is to be at the forefront of research and advocacy for enhancing competitiveness across the African continent. This initiative is a testament to the commitment to boost trade and economic growth in Africa.

The inaugural Africa Export Competitiveness Report is poised to be a game changer, marking a new chapter in African trade and economic development.