Tshepo Kgobe’s Vision For Gautrain Management Agency

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Over the past 10 years, Tshepo Kgobe’s journey from Chief Operating Officer to CEO of the Gautrain Management Agency has been nothing short of transformative. In a recent interview with Tiekie Barnard, CEO of Shift Impact Africa Group, Tshepo shared his vision for the agency and the remarkable strides they have made in diversification, sustainability, and creating shared value. His leadership has not only propelled the agency to new heights but has also fostered impactful partnerships and success.

The Gautrain Management Agency has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving from its origins as a local urban transport agency to a dynamic multi-service entity that now extends its benefits to both the private and public sectors across Gauteng, neighbouring provinces, and even the broader African continent. Spearheading this exciting shift is Kgobe, who, buoyed by the rollout of an innovative e-Tender system, the establishment of new smart driver license testing centres in townships such as Atteridgeville, Soweto and West Rand, and the launch of a new entity aimed at streamlining and automating business processes with the government. Kgobe eagerly leads his team into a future marked by investments, skilled personnel, and innovative technologies.

Transition to CEO: A Vision for the Future
Tshepo’s vision for the next five years as CEO of Gautrain Management Agency is centred around sustainability and diversification. He emphasizes the importance of making the business more sustainable, particularly in terms of financial sustainability. This involves changing the structure of the business, redefining its mandate, and leveraging the agency’s expertise to offer advisory services to other businesses and government entities. His strategic approach involves expanding the agency’s offerings, including property development, a software development business, and licensing services, while maintaining the core business of running the rail service.

Success and Partnership
Under Tshepo’s leadership, Gautrain Management Agency has achieved significant success and has become a continental player. The agency’s success is evident in its ability to generate revenue through various ventures, such as the development of software packages like Tender Swift and the establishment of smart Driver’s License Testing Centres. Furthermore, the agency’s commitment to environmental sustainability is also reflected in the rollout of off-the-grid buildings and the exploration of new energy vehicles, such as electric and hydrogen-powered trains and buses.

Partnerships have played a crucial role in the agency’s growth and impact. Tshepo highlighted the agency’s engagements with various African countries, including Nigeria, Botswana, Uganda, Tanzania, and Namibia, as well as the partnership with Ethiopia in providing expertise for their rail project. These partnerships have not only highlighted the agency’s expertise but have also led to future significant business opportunities, such as the export of buses and electric cars to Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. Additionally, the agency’s collaboration with the African Union and other continental entities has further solidified its position as a leader in the transportation and mobility sector.

Creating Shared Value and Impact
The Gautrain is one of the Shift Value Africa Initiative members and has been a member for several years. They have supported the GBVF #Itsnotok Awareness Campaigns and have included it as part of their Corporate Social Responsibilities. Kgobe’s leadership embodies the principles of creating shared value and making a positive impact on society and the environment. The Gautrain Management agency’s focus on citizens’ impact and environmental sustainability is evident in its initiatives, such as the development of sustainable buildings, the promotion of alternative energy vehicles, and the integration of environmentally sustainable practices in its operations. By embracing the concept of shared value, the agency is not only driving economic growth with its “serving people first approach” but also addressing societal and environmental issues through the business.

Looking Ahead
As Tshepo continues to lead Gautrain Management Agency into the future, his message to other organizations and leaders is clear: START FROM WHERE YOU ARE STANDING. His emphasis on practicality, citizen impact, and the pursuit of a better Africa aligns with the core values of Shift Impact Africa and the Shared Value Africa Initiative. The agency’s journey of transformation and success serves as an inspiration for others to embrace sustainability, diversification, and impactful partnerships in their respective endeavours.

In conclusion, Kgobe’s vision for Gautrain Management Agency has set a new standard for leadership, efficient service delivery, and creating shared value. His strategic approach, coupled with the agency’s success in knowledge management and impactful partnerships, exemplifies the potential for positive change and growth within the transportation and mobility sector. As the agency continues to make strides in diversification, sustainability, citizen, and continental impact, it stands as a beacon of innovation and transformation in the African business landscape.