Why Will Jamiitrade Be Good For African Entrepreneurs And Smes?

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JamiiTrade is a transformative and progressive platform developed for young African entrepreneurs, SMEs, and startups, as they play a crucial role in Africa’s economic advancement. These small and growing businesses generate 80% of employment opportunities in the Nigerian and Ghanaian job markets alone.

With the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) now opening up regional market expansion opportunities, the JamiiTrade platform will help transform Africa’s trade landscape and accelerate progress towards making the AfCFTA the largest free trade area globally.

JamiiTrade once all the phases have been completed will offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of an African entrepreneur or SME. In my discussions as the Host of the African Entrepreneurship Forum and through diverse ecosystem engagements, it has become more apparent that African entrepreneurs have three crucial needs when it comes to building their business on the continent: Access to Finance, Information and Insights, Collaborative Partnerships, and Leveraging Country-specific Opportunities for Growth.

Let’s discuss these needs further.

Access to Finance, Information, and Insights
Adopting technology and leveraging digital tools play a transformative role in enhancing the traction of SMEs, offering entrepreneurs improved access to finance, relevant information, and market insights. On JamiiTrade, entrepreneurs will be able to engage in one-on-one chats with industry experts, focused discussions with followers, and facilitate business connections.

Entrepreneurs can also create networking groups to share knowledge and build connections. In addition, entrepreneurs can access up-to-date information on the AfCFTA, trade insights on African country, and find information on how to start trading across borders. Through strategic positioning, entrepreneurs will be able to access finance and new business opportunities made available by network partners in MVP2.

Collaborative Partnerships
One of my favorite African proverbs – “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” – is an accurate expression of how collaborative partnerships can be leveraged for collective impact. By working with other startups and SMEs, entrepreneurs can achieve their goals faster and more efficiently than ever.

Through the JamiiTrade platform, entrepreneurs can facilitate collaborative peer to peer partnership agreements with two or more SMEs to work together towards a common goal after due diligence and alignment. In collaborative partnerships, all parties must be willing to share information openly and honestly to build strong relationships based on mutual respect and understanding.

In this case, you can imagine the JamiiTrade platform as your ‘LinkedIn for Trade’. It is developed to help African entrepreneurs build sustainable and impactful collaborative partnerships to accelerate growth and create shared value.

Leveraging Country-specific Opportunities for Growth
Awareness and understanding of country-specific opportunities will enable tailored SME trade approaches, hence the ability to tap into supportive policies and enter thriving African markets.

Through the commitment of the Shift Impact Africa Group to digital integration and regional collaboration, JamiiTrade will enable SMEs to grow in the digital economy, reinforcing its mission as a forward-thinking actor in SME growth and sustainability across Africa.

Considering Africa’s burgeoning tech potential and the crucial role of digitalisation, JamiiTrade is set to bridge existing employment gaps and enhance talent linkages for startups and SMEs. Through the platform, entrepreneurs can leverage these opportunities, ensuring timely access to resources and support to scale and innovate, thereby driving Africa toward a future where its startups are at the forefront of global tech excellence.

Looking Ahead
The JamiiTrade platform will present a promising dynamic community of African entrepreneurs and SMEs to bolster intra-Africa trade, featuring a digital marketplace and trade facilitation resources. JamiiTrade distinguishes itself as a transformative platform tailored for African entrepreneurs and SMEs. So, trust JamiiTrade, build trust in each other and take advantage of capacitating yourself towards turning your business aspirations into reality.

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