Alaa Moatamed

Alaa Moatamed

Alaa Moatamed, 22 years old, is the Co-Founder of Taslema, responsible for business development. She started her first initiative when she was 17 years old and, has been an active member of society since then, helping and empowering the youth to discover and learn new talents.

Alaa has an entrepreneurship mindset, helping her tackle challenges she encounters in her journey, and improve her skills. She is passionate about building and connecting communities with each other.

Alaa the 2020 Anzisha Prize winner, as well as a bronze holder in the Duke of Edinburgh International award. Through Taslema, Alaa works to maximise her impact by empowering underserved communities in northern Egypt, especially women.

Taslema was founded to help women in underserved cities. It offers a last-mile delivery service providing on demand, same day and scheduled delivery services to individual distributors (people selling products from their homes – mostly housewives) in underserved cities.