Report 4:
Gender Equality Forum: African Universities

Report co-written by Warue Alice Samuel & Dr. Mumbi Maria Wachira, Strathmore University Business School

To commemorate Women’s Month in South Africa, the Shared Value Africa Initiative (SVAI) and the #ITSNOTOK movement held discussions among academic representatives from universities across Africa to create awareness on gender inequality and Gender Based Violence (GBV). The forum was co-hosted by the University of Johannesburg, South Africa.

The webinar was guided by the question; ‘What can Academia do to support gender equality?’ The discussions pushed for collaboration among universities with stakeholders in the private sector and civil societies since these sectors are increasingly embedding strategies that are aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Further, universities were encouraged to forge gender equality through their teaching and learning mandate by aligning curricula with GBV awareness.

Given the potential significant role academia can play towards transformative sustainability, the following report provides a summary of the intended objectives of the forum, as well as recommendations and observations by all participants to be used as a way forward for the collective to eradicate GBV.

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