Make Your Mark To Demand Change

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Svai is calling on the south african private sector to support a Gbvf prevention campaign called #itsnotok, in support of president Cyril Ramaphosa’s call against Gbvf in June 2020. Svai, as a network of african purpose-led businesses, is calling on the CEOs of all businesses operating in SA to pledge that they will act to tackle Gbvf.

The pledge is focused on south Africa as the country with the world’s worst rape statistics and with high Gbv. But evidence suggests that globally, violence against women has increased during the pandemic.

Violence against women is a mark of shame on our societies. How long do we have to wait or how many more women have to die before we really see change? We need to stand together in support of advocating that any form of Gbv or femicide #itsnotok.

To learn more, and to register to attend, visit