Purpose Playbook and Shared Value accreditation

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Prof Michael Porter and Mark Kramer from Harvard University Business School started talking about the Shared Value (SV) business management concept and the difference between SV, corporate social investment, philanthropy and corporate social responsibility way back in 2006. In 2011, they wrote their now famous Harvard Business Review article “Creating Shared Value”  proposing that companies can move beyond corporate social responsibility and gain competitive advantage by including social and environmental considerations in their strategies.

We as Shared Value partners, and the drive behind the private sector adoption of the Shared Value business management concept, were often faced with the question on the “how”. How do we start our Shared Value journey and implement moving to creating economic value and value for society?

The Purpose Playbook is for all of us as Shared Value practitioners, consultants, advocates and leaders. It is the Shared Value implementation guideline we have for so long been looking for.  The Purpose Playbook is a major step in the history of the Shared Value movement. We as the Shared Value Africa Initiative still see so many organisations claim they are Shared Value practitioners where basic research analysis indicates differently. We hope that by using the Purpose Playbook, these organisations can start an authentic Shared Value journey.

The Purpose Playbook has also opened the door to Shared Value accreditation. More than that, it has provided a proper framework against which to measure and evaluate our members and prospective members. Africa will be the first continent where the Shared Value accreditation will be launched. The Shared Value accreditation will be a guideline for all businesses, enabling them to guide, assist and critically analyse our Shared Value activities and alignment to our strategy. A Shared Value-accredited organisation is recognised for its strategic focus on the Shared Value elements as per the Playbook. The 5 elements are: Leading with Purpose, Culture, Strategy, Operations and People followed by the 9 practices under strategy, operations and people.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if we can assist with hosting a Purpose Playbook hands-on workshop or if your organisation needs guidance to start its Shared Value journey.