Svai Announces Executive Course In Partnership With Strathmore

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Globally, the covid-19 pandemic is driving a change of perceptions of the role of business in society. Once seen as the generators of jobs and wealth, companies are increasingly seen as harming people and the environment through a narrow focus on profits. Clients, regulators, employees, consumers, and investors are asking businesses to contribute to helping people and planet.

Strathmore university business school in partnership with Svai have launched an executive programme over five half-days to show leaders how the powerful shared value approach can improve your company’s value to society. This is a powerful opportunity for anyone involved in sustainability, strategy, or leadership in any organisation – corporate, non-profit or state. The course provides a blend of global and African best practise. Find more detail below

The course introduces creating shared value to African businesses and organisations through a combination of theory, case study and interactive discussion.

Exploring African shared value case studies for practical examples of implementation, it shows delegates how the shared value approach can be applied to a variety of industries. It also provides practical information on starting, creating, and implementing shared value

By the end of the training, you will understand the theory behind shared value. You will know how to use shared value to address a social issue while benefiting the organisation. And you will gain a step to step guide to crafting a purpose statement for your organisation that will guide the development of shared value strategy and its implementation.

The programme will be delivered using interactive online classroom sessions, case study analysis, coaching and other features.

Find out more, and book your place, here