TAFTA needs YOUR help to close funding gap

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JOHANNESBURG, 23 February 2021 – This is a call to action on behalf of The Association for the Aged (TAFTA), a non-profit organisation established for over 60 years in the aged care environment. TAFTA currently cares for some 1800 elders through sheltered housing across 13 care homes and supports a further 3 500 in communities through community outreach programmes.

Its most recent challenge in caring for this vulnerable group is providing safe and holistic care whilst fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. Tafta meets an annual 73% shortfall in care costs for elders in its care, after an elder’s pension contribution and the Department of Social Development subsidy we receive for frail care. This amounts to a R22 million operational deficit that Tafta meets through fundraising and investment programmes, which has now grown to approximately R26.5 million due to a difficult fundraising environment and unbudgeted Covid-related care costs.

They now need your help to ensure that the highest level of elder care continues through meeting its operational costs.

If you would like to support this cause, please CLICK HERE to view the TAFTA proposal. Visit the TAFTA website (www.tafta.org.za) and learn how you can assist the organisation in providing basic dignity to those who made the necessary sacrifices to ensure a better future for us.

We all face similar challenges as we age. It is our hope that, through your support, the provision of adequate care to older people can be sustainable and a future of healthy and active ageing secured.