Three African achievers in Top 10 of Fortune’s Change-the World rankings

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Just before we pressed the send button on last month’s newsletter, we heard the great news that Fortune’s 2020 Change the World list had featured the SVAI member Safaricom at a phenomenal 7th place in the rankings. We are very proud to congratulate Safaricom, one of our Founding Members.

This month, we share that Safaricom is one of three African companies among the list of 50 companies recognised as having made an important social or environmental impact through their profit-making strategy and operations this year.

The other African achievers were Zutari (formerly known as Aurecon Africa), ranked 30th, and African Bank, ranked 46th.

Companies are recognised for innovative business strategies that positively impact the world. This year’s list includes 28 companies from the U.S. and Canada; 10 from Asia and the Middle East; 8 from Europe; and 3 each from Africa and Latin America.

As the introduction to the 2020 list explains, “Fortune’s Change the World list is built on the premise that the profit motive can inspire companies to tackle society’s unmet needs. The 2020 list stresses a crucial corollary: No business succeeds alone. Collaboration among companies, even among rivals, is a common thread … As we face unprecedented collective challenges—a global pandemic, climate change, profound income inequality—cooperation has become a business superpower.”