Upcoming Shared Value executive training fast-tracks corporate social impact

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From 28 September, a high-profile team of Shared Value practitioners and academics leads the first ever Shared Value executive training course at a university on the African continent. The course runs from 28 September – 2 October 2020.

Interest in the course has driven sign-ups from a range of organisations. Last-minute places are still available. Find out about the presenters and curriculum here.

Globally, the COVID-19 pandemic is driving a change of perceptions of the role of business in society. Clients, regulators, employees, consumers, and investors are asking businesses to contribute to helping people and planet. The need for a mindset shift within corporate teams has prompted SVAI to think carefully about the best training for Africa-based organsiations and an announcement in this regard is planned. Watch this space!

That means the timing is excellent for the executive course on creating Shared Value, run by Strathmore University Business School in partnership with SVAI. This is a powerful opportunity for anyone involved in sustainability, strategy, or leadership in any organisation – corporate, non-profit or state.

The course introduces Creating Shared Value to African businesses and organisations through a combination of theory, case study and interactive discussion.

Exploring African Shared Value case studies for practical examples of implementation, it shows delegates how the Shared Value approach can be applied to a variety of industries. It also provides practical information on starting, creating, and implementing Shared Value.