Chibunna Ogbonna

Chibunna Ogbonna

Chibunna Ogbonna is a visionary leader and entrepreneur with a strong desire to make a significant contribution to the world through my life’s work. He Co-founded Kiru Energy Limited, a sustainable energy start-up enabling progress in Africa through smart grid networks and C&I solar projects development.

In 2020, He was selected to represent Nigeria at the International Renewable Energy Agency’s Youth Forum in Abu Dhabi, UAE. In the same year, He worked with Student Energy as the Regional Coordinator for Sub Saharan Africa on the Global Youth Energy Outlook – the first report of its kind curating 40,000+ global youth perspectives on energy and related topics for a just and equitable energy transition.

In 2021, He was selected by the European Commission as a Young Leader for Sustainable Energy and represented youth voices on a panel hosted by the World Health Organization at the European Development Days 2021. Later that year, He joined the International Sustainability Academy, Hamburg-Germany as a Research Fellow where He developed the Lighting Up Nigeria Initiative (LUNI) – a project aiming to democratise access to reliable, clean and affordable electricity in Nigeria leveraging digital technologies. LUNI will power 1000 primary healthcare clinics by 2035 with solar energy as a shared value project of Kiru Energy Ltd. In 2022, Chibunna was appointed by the Shared Value Africa Initiative to serve as a Member of the Africa Council of 8.

Chibunna currently pioneers Sustainable Energy Days (SED), a movement and community for the adoption of sustainable energy technologies in Africa. He aspires to become a Smart City developer to help create enabling environments and provide smart infrastructure for progress across the world. He is multi-skilled in project/product development and management, public speaking and leadership. Chibunna Ogbonna holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering from the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) and is certified by the Renewables Academy (RENAC) Germany as an Energy Transformation Expert.